Experts in development


Custom creations or adaptation of existing modules

In need of a specific design ?

With years of experience in this industry, we can design your SOM according to your specifications and business model.

Re-use an Armadeus design

We can also modify any of our modules to optimize your needs.

Production Management

Thanks to our internal production unit, Armadeus Systems can ensure the production and testing of SOM’s developed by us.

Our difference ?

  • Our experience in the design of complex and highly integrated electronic boards
  • Direct contact with the Designer
  • Direct link between our Design Unit and Production Unit allowing optimized management
  • Shortened time-to-market due to design expertise

Discover our custom board for EDF


Implementation of embedded Linux software / Support.

Embedded software

Implementation and support for the realization of embedded software: hardware Linux drivers, development of specific BSP, dedicated applications, graphical and tactile HMI, embedded Web interfaces, firmware microcontrollers.

PC Software

Production of PC software (Linux/Windows/MacOs) communicating with our systems.


We come to you for training needs using our own development environment to develop your application more easily.

Our difference ?

  • Proven open source technologies for all industries
  • Linux kernel and device driver development expertise
  • Direct contact with the Developer
  • BSP maintained at all-times by Armadeus Systems
  • Shortened time-to-market due to development expertise

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Development of gateware FPGA (Intel, AMD, Lattice, Effinix)

For over 15 years, Armadeus Systems is one of the very few companies to use FPGA natively on its embedded Linux systems.
ARM®+FPGA solutions address specific signal processing problems, connectivity, control/command or security issues.
We are able to develop any type of gateware and accompany you in this area.
For "heavy" Linux + FPGA applications, the APF6_SP processor board and its associated development board, the APF6_SP_Dev, is the perfect example making it possible to build a prototype very quickly.

Our difference ?

  • Proven open source technologies
  • Direct contact with the Developer
  • FPGA-ARM software interfaces available and permanently maintained by Armadeus Systems (more informations inside our wiki)