Supervision of electric sub-station

The project

Our Client wanted a system to supervise its electrical transformation stations in order to reduce maintenance costs and increase service quality, while reducing the risk of breakdowns.

A number of sensors (temperature, humidity, light, acceleration) were installed in order to anticipate potential transformer failures and limit the number of maintenance visits.
In addition, Industrial Inputs/Outputs were able to control actions on the system.
The unit is able to communicate securely (encryption) and remotely with a monitoring server, either through ADSL or by connection to the cellular network.

EDF sub-station image

EDF sub-station

Our contribution

APF51 based product image


Whole system is supervised by one of our SOM: an APF51 with 256 Mbytes of RAM, 512 Mbytes Flash and a Spartan 6 LX9 FPGA
Desing and routing of the customer baseboard, based on his requirements.

FPGA Gateware

  • VHDL design of the analog inputs handling IP
  • VHDL design of the industrial I/O handling IP
  • VHDL design of the temperature sensors specific communication handling IP


  • Delivering of a full custom BSP including U-Boot and Linux
  • Development of the custom Linux drivers for temperature sensors, ADC and industrial I/Os
  • Development of the applications for data acquisition, encryption and data upload to customer private servers

Baseboard functionnalities

  • 48V DC Power supply
  • battery backed up Real Time Clock
  • SD card reader / Ethernet port / RS232 / GSM-GPRS
  • 4x isolated outputs
  • 3x isolated inputs with overvoltage protections
  • 16x inputs with overvoltage protections
  • 7x slow 12 bits analog inputs with protections
  • 5x 16 bits analog inputs (+10/-10V 16bits 200ksps) with protections
  • 1x 16bits 4-20mA input
  • 4x digital temperature and humidity inputs
  • Housing for DIN rail mounting with protective cover
  • Possibility to add a luminosity sensor (intrusion/door opening detection)