Software development

Embedded software

As maintainer of our BSP, we are deeply involved in the development of Linux drivers, and embedded applications starting from U-Boot (aka bios) to the kernel prompt. We propose our knowledges to write your specific drivers and to add new low level software features to your system..

For internal and customer projects, we used to develop high level software including graphical user interfaces (Qt Embedded for Linux) and secure data transport for the automation, the industrial controls and the medical markets.

PC Software programs

Production of PC software (Linux/Windows/MacOs) communicating with our embedded systems via Internet including security (VPN). Integration of embedded systems into a private network.
As we use the Qt toolkit (now under LGPL licencing !), your applications can easily be multi-platform.

What makes the difference ?

  • Direct contact with the developpers
  • High reactivity
  • Linux kernel and drivers expertise
  • Armadeus BSP really maintained by Armadeus itself!
  • Short development time
  • Open source technologies

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.


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