FPGA firmware development

Armadeus systems is one of the only companies using FPGA natively coupled to ARM processors in embedded Linux systems. Most of our System-On-Module are equiped with a FPGA.

We provide the whole architecture necessary for downloading and communicating with the FPGA from the firmware to the software level. Intellectual Properties (IPs) are regularly added to our in house FPGA tool named POD (Peripheral On Demand). From simple IPs to more complex ones (DDR controler, CameraLink interface..), we can help you in developping your FPGA design especially for Xilinx products. You will find a detailled documentation about FPGA usage on Armadeus systems boards here.

If you need a very powerfull Linux SOM + FPGA, the APF6_SP SOM and his evaluation board APF6_SP_dev are the solution to build a prototype quickly.

What makes the difference ?

  • Direct contact with the developpers
  • High reactivity
  • FPGA-processor software interfaces maintained by Armadeus !
  • Short development time
  • Open source technologies

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.


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