Electronic board development

Reusing the Armadeus design.

Our products are quite fullfilling your requirements but a feature is missing or the form factor is not the right one ?
We can quickly adapt our boards based on your specification. This process ensures the best ROI and reduces the risks. By choosing our hardware plateform you will benefit of our intensive software work for the future. New releases, bug corrections and new features are continuously added while maintaining the compatibility with the previous releases.

Do you need a specific design?

Thanks to several years of experience in various research and development offices, we can create new electronic boards integrating DSP, processors and FPGA, specially designed for your needs.

Electronic manufacturing Services

If you do not wish to monitor the board production, we can take care of it for you.

We are the innovative and reliable partner for managing the electronic manufacturing of your products. Our experience in dealing with the sub-contractors, is an important value-add to ensure your success on the market! Keep in mind that the choice of the subcontractor for highly complex devices and systems, is always very critical.

What makes the difference ?

  • Direct contact with the developpers
  • High reactivity
  • Proven technologies, most features are already developped
  • Short development time
  • Experimented in production of complex electronic boards

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.


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