EDF: Substation monitoring


Picture of EDF electric transformer substation

The EDF company intends to install a monitoring system of its transformer substation in order to reduce its maintenance costs and to increase the quality of services by reducing the risks of failures.

Therefore, EDF wishes to install some sensors (temperature, humidity, light, accelerometer, etc ..) to anticipate potential failures of transformers and also to limit the number of periodical maintenance checks. In addition, industrial Inputs/Outputs will allow some control actions on the system. The unit is capable to communicate in a secure way (encryption) with a remote monitoring server either by ADSL if available, or by GPRS

Substation monitoring system for EDF

Our contribution


  • The whole system is driven by a SOM designed by us: the APF51 equiped with 256 MB RAM, 512 MB of Flash and a FPGA spartan6 LX9
  • The whole design and routing of customer carrier board based on its specifications


  • Design of the firmware in VHDL to drive the analog inputs
  • Design of the firmware in VHDL to drive the industrial I/O
  • Design of the firmware in VHDL of a specific communication protocol of the temperature sensors


  • Providing a complete custom BSP including U-Boot and Linux 2.6.35
  • Writing of specific Linux drivers for the temperature sensors, ADC and I/O
  • Miscellaneous software such data acquisition, encryption and data transport to the EDF servers

Carrier board features

  • 48V power supply
  • Backuped RTC
  • SD-Card socket/ ethernet /RS232 / optional GSM-GPRS
  • 4x isolated outputs
  • 3x isolated inputs including protection
  • 16x inputs including protection
  • 7x 12 bits low speed analog input including protection
  • 5x 16bits analog input (+10/-10V 16bits 200ksps) with protection
  • 1x 16bits 4-20mA input
  • 4x Digital temperature and humidity input
  • Housing for DIN rail mounting with protective cover
  • Optional light sensor (intrusion detection, door opening)


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