OposSOM : System-On-Module created by armadeus systems

OposSOM is a Trade Mark of the armadeus systems company that designs and delivers ARM®/Linux® processor modules specifically designed for industrial fields : the OposSOM boards.

The OPOS6UL, a small size & small price opossom board for embedded systems
The OPOS6UL: a small price SOM that is based on the i.MX6UL processor for embedded systems
opossom, an alternative to SBC based on the SOC Zynq or Cyclone V: the APF6_SP (I.MX6+FPGA cyclone V)
The APF6_SP: the flexible combination of an i.MX6 processor and a Cyclone V FPGA
The APF6, the most powerfull opossom for embedded systems
The APF6: our most powerful SBC that is based on the i.MX6 processor for embedded systems

armadeus systems: an embedded Linux applications R&D company.

Backed by its experience as a ARM®/Linux® specialist, armadeus systems, puts its skills at your disposal.

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Monday, December 2, 2019

The OPOS6UL_SP SOM with i.MX6UL processor (Cortex A7) and Spartan6 FPGA is available. It is a direct replacement for our best selling, but now old, APF27 SOM.


Min. 10 years life cycle

Starting price: 120€ /1kps

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Download all source codes for our processor boards.


The Armadeus Project association: especially for embedded Linux system buffs.

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